Eternal Winter
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Alderan - Reptilian alchemist of Rossindor


Argus - Falcon warrior trained in the arts of falcon-wizardry; Main comrade of Umaratus, The Falcon Wiseman. 


Astratonia - Glorious kingdom in the Unknown Lands of Sarna ruled by the honorable King Ulaniar; maintains a constant war against the forces of the Dark Kingdom


Avoryean - Renegade warrior-mage of The Dark Kingdom; Son of Lord Norian Darsmir; Bound in the castle dungeons of Bazrith, as a result of a spell placed upon him by his father.


Bazrith - Dark lands of the northwest in the Realm of Sarna; In Bazrith resides the Dark Kingdom and the Black Forest.


Black Forest - Evil, enchanted forest of Bazrith; Inhabited by Lord Norian Darsmir’s minions


Candora - Region of planes located in the central region of the Unknown Lands


Castle Shadowgate (The) - An evil castle between dimensions created by Voraxia; Inhabited by demons and other creatures of chaos, its dark labyrinths serve as a dimensional gateway between realms.


Crystal Key - The only key capable of unlocking the gates to the Fortress of the Nightmare phantasm; Hidden away by Avorean


Crystal Valleys - Majestic valleys in the Realm of Sarna; over time became crystallized by the magic of the ancient artifact hidden within.


Dark Brigade - A sinister entourage of evil beings whom travel the Realm of Sarna doing Norian Darsimar’s evil bidding; Small in numbers but great in skill and strength


Dark Kingdom (The) - The evil Kingdom of the Unknown Lands; Resides in the dark lands of Bazrith; ruled by Lord Norian Darsmir 


Dreamshade - Evil shades whom lurk in the Whispering Woods; These spectral creatures feed off the minds of the living by stealing and devouring their dreams.


Edlundiver - Great kingdom of Humans located in the western regions of The Realm of Ereyth; Together with the Valgharians of Willowthorn, remain a strong force against the evil which threatens the world.


Elflords - Ancient Elven sorcerers of the realm of Sarna; great ancestors of the Valghar and all the Elven races; The Elflords come to the aid of Elves and Humans to fight for the cause of good in times of great turmoil in the Realm of Ereyth; These beings gain their power from the Sacred Stoned of the Valghar; Allies of the Falconmages and Shadowmages.


Ereyth - The all powerful God of Creation; once ruled the world together with the Goddess Sarna; Banished to his own Realm of Eternal Winter by the evil wizard Voraxia


Ermick - Rabbit warrior of Sarna; Also thief and magic-user


Eternal Winter - The Realm of Ereyth; The enchanted, chaotic winter land in which Voraxia banished the great God; tormented by the evil of Voraxia and his Nightmare Phantasm. 


Falcon Mages - These ancient falcons are powerful wizards who use their powers to fight the evil of Voraxia, in hope to bring peace and freedom back to The Unknown Lands; Allies of the Shadowmages and Elflords.


Gallius Varinor - True Knight of Edlundiver; Destined to wield the Sword of Valorous Light and save the fate of the world


Gazrael - Valgharian warrior-maiden; Demonslayer of Willowthorn and lover to Gallius Varinor


Great Falcon Tree (The) - An enormous tree located in the center of the desert lands of Sarna; Serves as palace and stronghold to the falcon race.


G`skar Dominus - Lord of the Dreamshades; Holds the spirit of Princess Jordis captive on the Island of Dreams


Habnar - Rabbit Prince; Ruler of the Rabbit Folk


Ice Druids - Ancient druids that lurk in the frozen swamp-lands outside of Edlundiver; Posess much great knowledge and powerful artifacts.


Jordis - A once great princess whose soul has been captured, and is held captive by the evil dreamshade king G`skar Dominus.


Khazakathal - Mighty ice dragon from the western regions of The Realm of Ereyth; Guards the stolen, Sacred Stone of the Valghar.


Larastat - Apprentice of Umaratus, the Falcon Wiseman; died on the plains of Candora


Leofoxin - Noble King of Edlundiver


Leviathan - Gigantic demon-serpent; Arises from the sea when summoned by the demons of the underworld.


Majigormis - The Great Shadowmage; Ancient wizard whom once condemned by Voraxia, became most powerful of all the Shadowmages; Majigormis uses his infinite magic and wisdom to aid those who seek to undo the curse of Voraxia.


Mordinar - Magical dragon of Mesa Feran


Narjukl - Witch of the Black Forest, evil sorceress of arcane magic and commander of the Black Dragons; Daughter of King Ulaniar


Nightmare Phantasm - The ultimate incarnation of supreme evil and chaos, created by Voraxia during the climax of his reign; holds the world in absolute turmoil by unleashing terror throughout the Realms; Resides in a dark fortress located beyond the Northern mountain ranges of The Unknown Lands.


Norian Darsimir - Lord and ruler of Bazrith and The Dark Kingdom; Sworn Enemy of King Ulaniar and Father of Avoryean


Orbidon - Ancient black dragon of Bazrith; Kin to Rathlon


Rathlon - Ancient black dragon of Bazrith; Kin to Orbidon


Rossindor - Forest-town located north of the great plains in the Northwest regions of The Unknown Lands; Inhabited by Reptillions.


Sarna - The all powerful Goddess of Creation; once ruled the world together with the God Ereyth; Banished to her own Realm of Unknown Lands by the evil wizard Voraxia


Singora - Village of Rabbit Folk; Located in the forest lands in the Southwestern regions of The Unknown Lands of Sarna.


Shadowmages - Once good mages of The Realm of Ereyth, this line of ancient sorcerers were condemned by Voraxia to forever dwell within The Castle Shadowgate, guarding the dimensional gateway for eternity; Allies of Falconmages and Elflords.


Sword of Valorous Light - The ancient, magical sword forged by the combined magic of the Shadowmages, Falcon mages and Elf Lords. Together, these powerful wizards united in The Castle Shadowgate. There, in The Great Court of Majigormis they created the Sword of Valorous Light, the only weapon capable of vanquishing The Nightmare Phantasm.    


Tarak - Rosindorian reptile friend of Umaratus; Plays enchanted flute.


The Tyrant - Large reptile warrior; Goes around with his gang of bandits causing trouble, robbing and bullying townsfolk of Rossindor.


Ulaniar - Noble king of Astratonia; sworn enemy of Norian Darsmir and father of Narjukl, The Witch of the Black Forest


Umaratus - Falcon Wiseman of the Unknown Lands, master of the art of falcon-wizardry; sworn enemy of Habnar, the Rabbit Prince


Unknown Lands of Sarna - The Realm of Sarna; Glorious lands in which the great Goddess Sarna was condemned to, after the rise of Voraxia; Unknown to all mortals of Eternal Winter


Valghar - Ancient race of Elven forest-dwellers that reside in the kingdom of Willowthorn; Together with the people of Edlundiver, have formed a great alliance to fight against the evil which torments the Realm of Ereyth. 


Val`tiar - King of Willowthorn and ruler of the Valghar race


Vindimerin root - A much sought after root that grows wild on the plains of Candora; has many magical characteristics and is often used as a spell component to wizards and magic users; Has a hallucinogenic effect to some species if ingested or smoked.


Voraxia - The great, evil wizard who defied Ereyth and Sarna; Because of his strong will to rule and lustful desire of the beautiful Goddess Sarna, Voraxia used his immense power to destroy the God and Goddess’ strong union and split the world into two Realms. Voraxia then created the Shadowgate and the Nightmare Phantasm which devoured his soul.


Willowthorn - Kingdom of the Valghar; Located in the Eastern lands of Eternal Winter; Together with the people of Edlundiver hold a strong alliance against the forces of the Nightmare Phantasm


Zoratherax - Coastal region just west of Willowthorn in the Realm of Ereyth