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Catching up in 2017!!!

Hail!!! This site has been in-active over the last year or so, as the band has been hard at work in the studio recording for the next few epic releases. We are just now catching up on posting some updates of various events that have happened over the last year or so...We now have a new web-master, so you can expect this site to be updated more regularly, and with more updates in the near future... Here are a few things that have been going on while we've been away...

Jon Zaremba - PROMONTORY

Matthew Knight will be featured as a guest narrator and vocalist on the latest album by avant garde musical mastermind, Jon Zaremba. PROMONTORY is a concept album featuring Jon's own horror/weird fiction masterpiece narrated over an ambient backdrop of Jon's signature brand of strange and unique electonic wizardry. Here's what Matthew has to say about the album:

I had a great time contributing to PROMONTORY and am honored to be a part of it! I think that Jon's music is pure genius. Any open-minded individuals who are deep enough to give it the time of day will be truly delighted with this dark masterpiece he has created. Jon has become a great friend and musical partner, and you can expect more collaborations between him and I in the near future!

Jon Zaremba's PROMONTORY is available through


ETERNAL WINTER has released a preview of a new song from their upcoming ARCHAIC LORE ENSHRINED album entitled, THE CURSE OF BARON SENGIR... Matthew Knight reports:

This track is a Gothic, thrashy piece from an upcoming song-cycle we're doing that is based on literary topics outside of our Eternal WInter Saga. The song is about some old vampire lore from an early Magic: The Gathering story. The dark tale behind Baron Sengir, his sinister family and the Homelands had always left an impression on me, and when it came time to come up with conceptual ideas for this album, I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate it in along with the other literary material we are covering. I am quite pleased with how it turned out! This is a raw, early mix...

ETERNAL WINTER to be featured on the METAL MUSIC GLOBALLIANCE VOL. 1 Compilation

This new compilation CD will be available at various festivals this Summer and features Metal bands of all genres from all over the world...It will contain an alternate mix of the ETERNAL WINTER Classic, MAJESTY OF STARLIGHT...Below is a promotional video by Matthew Knight:


ETERNAL WINTER will be featured on the first ever VIRGIN STEELE Tribute Album entitled, BY THE GODS: A NOBLE TRIBUTE TO VIRGIN STEELE. An ode to the Barbaric-Romantic Masters featuring: IRON FIRE, WIZARD, CRYSTAL VIPER, ARMORY, ETERNAL WINTER, TIMELORD and more...The first ever official VIRGIN STEELE Tribute Album, this compilation has been in the works for several years and finally sees the light of day through Majestic Metal Records. It features a 12-page full-color booklet with exclusive liner notes by David DeFeis. An essential collection for any VS fan!


Available now at

BLOODMIST AT DAWN: A Heavy Metal Companion To The BARBARIAN CROWNS Anthology

An epic compilation of Sword & Sorcery Metal Madness! This CD features bands of authors that contributed to the BARBARIAN CROWNS anthology- CAULDRON BORN, ETERNAL WINTER, BAL-SAGOTH, SOLITARY SABRED and BATTLEROAR. No other compilation slays like BLOODMIST AT DAWN!

Available now at

BARBARIAN CROWNS Sword & Sorcery Anthology

Available now through Horrified Press and Majestic Metal Records, BARBARIAN CROWNS, a Sword & Sorcery anthology featuring stories by various authors including Matthew Knight of ETERNAL WINTER Byron A. Roberts of BAL-SAGOTH, Howie K. Bentley of CAULDRON BORN, among other well-established authors.

This book contains 3 stories by Matthew Knight, directly linked to the Eternal WINTER Mythos- THE CULT OF AEVANAH, THE CHAMBER OF LUSTS and GAZRAELLE IN THE SHADOWGATE.

Available now at

New Interview with Matthew Knight!
Questions by John Daker
Greetings, Matthew. The new album is finally released and we are all very excited about it. Are you satisfied with the final product?

Greetings and thanks for your kind words! Yes, I have to say I am quite happy and satisfied with the album. It was a long, bloody road getting it recorded and complete but all the hard work was well worth it in the end. I think it turned out to be a solid release and it definitely represents Eternal Winter, the roots of where we have come from, and the "vision" of what we have always wished to achieve...

Just as you had promised in other interviews, I think the album turned out to be very colorful. The music is quite varied and there are no songs that really sound the same. Do you go out of your way to do this?

Thank you! I take that as a big compliment...Actually, I believe it is something that happens quite naturally for me. I am always inspired by different things when writing songs, whether it be a certain piece of music I am into at the time, a book I'm reading or a movie I watched, even just my mood on a dark and stormy evening?All these kinds things can inspire different ideas for me when composing.

I usually do tend to write songs with a vision in mind. I'll think to myself "OK, what is this song going to be about and how do I want the listener to feel when experiencing it?" Then after I make that decision I will begin coming up with ideas that I think represent what I am going for in a good way.

However, a lot of stuff comes out spontaneous as well...For instance; Keith and I were in the studio late one evening a few weeks ago. There were bats flying around outside and a huge, eerie full moon in the sky (one of those giant orange colored ones they call a "harvest" moon). Feeling inspired, I just began messing around on the keyboard, experimenting with a few progressions I'd been working on. Keith said "Hey, that sounds really good. We should record that". So we did! Then I had ideas for more layers, harmonies, etc. and before we knew it, I had a great Gothic-style piano nocturne written that we will probably use as an interlude on the next album... It was one of those magickal things that just happened spontaneously.

I think that Eternal Winter has a sort of "crossover" between genres; do you feel that this makes it a tougher sell to some audiences?

In some ways I do feel that way and in others I don't. Often times we will get these diehard "True" or "Traditional" Metal fans who like our music but don't care for the keyboards or the layered choir vocals...then on the other side there are these "Epic Power" Metal guys who love the keys and the choirs, but will complain that they don't want to hear ripping high notes every 2 minutes or 80's-inspired guitar riffs that sound like they came from a Dokken or Ratt album...So it really takes someone who is opened minded to this kind of thing to really appreciate it. Personally, I am a fan of all the (True) metal genres as well as many other musical styles, so I incorporate many different elements into the music (some that one might not expect). I have come across some individuals who have taken notice of the band simply because of the fact that we are different, so it can be a positive thing.

Most of the reviews of your new album that I've read seem pretty positive. Have you seen any negative reviews yet?

For the most part they have all been pretty good. There will always be some negative critiques though. After all, a lot of these "reviews" are just people's opinions anyway, and many of these critics like to be overly- picky and aggressive when reviewing new releases...I don't let negative reviews get me down. I know what I wish to accomplish and that's all that matters to me. I am a musician for myself first, and foremost. If I can bring joy and happiness to someone else's life with my music in the process, then that makes it even better, but I will never pay attention to any kind of bad critiques because for the most part, I do this because it's who I am, not because I am worried about what others think.

Do you have a favorite song on the new album?

That's a tough one... They vary greatly for me and I have different experiences and memories that are attached to each one..."Shadowgate" for instance, was written during the birth of the band back in 2002, so I have many, many fond memories of writing the story with Gordon as well as rehearsing the song with all the various lineups of the band..."An Oath Of Vengeance" I wrote more recently when I was going through somewhat of a dark time, and sometimes when I listen to it, I feel that the vibe of that song reflects that (to me, anyway)...Again, it's hard to say. It changes all the time...If I had to pick a song from the album that was my favorite for today, I suppose I would say "Leviathan's Wrath".

Can you give us a conceptual breakdown of each song on the album? Tell us what exactly each song is about?

Sure, I will give it a goes...

TRUE KNIGHT'S OVERTURE (PRELUDE TO DARK ENCOUNTERS) - This short intro piece begins the quest! Gallius Varinor realizes that he is the chosen one to venture forth against the forces of Voraxia, but doesn't yet quite realize the significance of his role...

MAJESTY OF STARLIGHT - The verses here tell of the dark sorcerer, Avoryean who is bound by a spell and being held captive in castle dungeons of Bazrith. These lyrics introduce him to the listener, as he will become an important character later in the Saga...

UNDER THE SPELL - Most of this song is about the overall journey and the dark times that will be faced ahead. The 2nd verse tells of when Umaritus, The Falcon Wiseman casts a spell on Varinor during battle, increasing his strength and putting him in a rage of savage fury!

RUMBLE WITH THE TYRANT - One of my favorite conceptually! The Tyrant is the leader of a gang of reptilian bandits who terrorize the township of Rossindor. In this particular instance, they barge into the Dragonsong Inn where Varinor and his companions are taking rest for the evening. A fight quickly ensues and there is soon chaos, magic and violence galore!

AN OATH OF VENGEANCE - We now return to the dungeons of Bazrith. Avoryean is brooding, conjuring magical spells and preparing his escape. He is extremely pissed and vows vengeance against his father, Lord Norian Darsmir for his betrayal.

RIDE OF THE CRIMSON PEGASUS (FLIGHT TO THE ISLAND OF DREAMS) - The Knight learns that he must travel to the Sky Kingdom on the Island Of Dreams. The reptilian alchemist, Alderahn informs him that only a certain magical beast can take him there...

WITHIN THE CASTLE SHADOWGATE - There is really no explanation needed here if you've heard the song, as the lyrics are very, very narrative and descriptive...In the Rivers Of Twilight Gallius Varinor is tricked by evil faeries into entering the Shadowgate. There he faces all kinds of horrors before meeting Majigormis, The Great Shadowmage. Majigormis grants him divine knowledge about his quest and informs him that the Shadowgate is the dimensional gateway between worlds.

THE SPIRIT - Jordis, Princess of the Sky Kingdom must be freed from the shackles of the G?skar Dominus, Lord of the Dreamshades. This song deals with that subject.

MOONLIGHT OVER THE CRYSTAL VALLEYS - This is basically Varinor reflecting on his quest- what has happened already and what lies ahead...a lot of "glorious" type of lyrics here which suit the ballad-like qualities of this song.

FORBODING SHORES - As the fleet of Edlundiver approaches the blackened shores of Zoratherax, they behold the beast! Leviathan has risen!

LEVIATHAN'S WRATH - Another very narrative track. The Leviathan has risen from the darkened seas. The kingdom of Edlundiver has allied with the elves of Willowthorn to destroy the beast. In the end all are slain except the Knight, who destroys the serpent king with a magical talisman.

HYMN TO EREYTH - In the olden days, the world was divided and the Great God and Goddess were separated by dark sorcery. Ereyth is the God of the Land of Eternal Winter and the Goddess (his lost love), Sarna rules over The Unknown Lands...This piece is a melodic and triumphant hymn to the betrayed deity.

Can you give an explanation as to why the songs on the album do not go chronologically in order with the concept story? This is a concept album right? Why the strange order of events?

That's a very good question and I'm glad you asked! I felt the need to arrange the songs on the album so that they would flow in a good way musically. This didn't always work when trying to put them in order conceptually, so I figured it best to just arrange the tracklisting so that the album goes through all the various moods and textures in the most ear-pleasing way possible...

I once read an interview with Robert E. Howard where he was asked a similar question- about why his Conan stories weren't written in a chronological order when they were originally published in Weird Tales magazine back in the 1930s...Why one minute Conan is a barbarian thief, then in the next story he is the king of Aquilonia, with no real explanation in between...Howard's answer was that he wanted them to seem like life stories, so that if you were sitting with Conan hearing him tell tales around a campfire, he would relate them in the order in which they occurred to him, not necessarily in the order that they happened?I always thought this was a great answer and I think our songs should be viewed in the same way- individual tales told in no particular order, that when analyzed and pieced together, make up the whole of a great saga.

Questions By Mark Mitchell


Now that the album has been out for a while now, what has the reception been?

It's been good, thanks, Mark! There are a lot of people who have been waiting a long time for it to be released and everyone I have talked to seems to have really enjoyed it. I've been a bit surprised actually because even some people who are more into other metal genres are really digging it, so it's a good thing! We've had a couple reviews as well that were quite positive.

You've had a second album written for a while now and said you were collaborating more with your your keyboardist, Keith Moye for this material. Can you go deeper into what differences this might bring to future material? Elements of the band that you've expanded on, or maybe even some that will see less focus?

That is correct! There is a 2nd album in the works that is another full-scale, epic work entitled, "In The Nightside Of The Forest Black". Keith worked with me on a lot of the songs and we have had the material completed for quite some time now...

This album will have a bit of a darker and somewhat more "Gothic" approach than the first. There are a lot of songs dealing with more sinister themes such as witches, vampires, haunted forests, etc. as well as the usual "epic" ideas we are known for...Working with Keith on some of the songs has been great and together we have composed some our best works to date, I think. He often comes up with some really cool ideas that I would never think of, plus he can do a lot of things on the keyboard that I can't. He likes working in strange time signatures, which I rarely do. When we put our heads together for these tracks, we came up with some really cool and unique ideas that I think are really going to kick ass once recorded!

I don't want to give away too much, as we are still in the very beginning stages of recording, but I can say that the new album will be a bit more "focused" than the last. These new songs were written as "song cycles" with a particular theme and flow in mind, whereas the songs from our first album were just a handful of what I thought to be our best material recorded and compiled in the best way possible...Also, I can say there is bigger use of heavy, dark-sounding piano on this album, which is a big reason for this "Gothic" sound mentioned before... There will be some new sounds, but overall, it will be 100% Eternal Winter - True Epic Heavy Metal, as always!

You mentioned a re-release of your Winter Triumphant EP. Will this be a straight reissue, or will you go Virgin Steele and add another album worth of material? (Please?)

Yes, we will be doing a re-release of our 2004 Winter Triumphant EP later this year. That was our first real official release and a lot of fans love it. It was recorded in only a few days in quite a chaotic fashion. It is raw, unpolished and somewhat juvenile sounding (especially my vocals) but just has a certain energy and charm to it that I have always loved. The original pressing was very, very limited, so I thought we'd reissue it so that fans new to the band could experience the "roots" of where we came from.

There will be many bonus tracks included on the re-issue. Fortunately, I have tons of very raw live recordings from that era (mostly taken from old VHS tapes), so these will definitely be included. A few of these are songs that were never recorded or released in any way and should be new to anyone who wasn't at our live shows in the early days. Also, I am playing around with the idea of doing a narrative kind of piece that would be me narrating the beginning of the concept story overtop of some keyboard themes?

Originally, I had thought about recording new versions of The WT songs, but I think people should hear them in their original form and experience this unique kind of rawness and "magic" that I'm talking about.

Finally, Matt Brookins of Odin's Court is a friend of yours, helping with the production of Within the Castle Shadowgate as well as performing some of the drums. Tell us, when comes the full-fledged Matthew Knight/Matt Brookins side project?

Yes, Matt is a very good friend of mine. We both support one another's bands 100% and help each other out whenever we can. He was a big part of the recording process for this album and did a fantastic job? Ha! Sure, a "Matt & Matt" side-project would be great. We are both so busy with all we have going on with own projects that I doubt we'd ever have time (though we have talked about doing a sleazy glam rock EP)...There will however be some upcoming, Odin's Court/Eternal Winter live shows coming up in the near future. I'm really looking forward to that!

New Album "Within the Castle Shadowgate" Available Now!
The long awaited album by Eternal Winter, "Within the Castle Shadowgate" is available now through Majestic Metal Records! Visit our store for more details.

Sword And Sorcery In Heavy Metal!
Matthew Knight has recently contributed 2 articles to Echoes Of Crom Records' 㓷ord And Sorcery In Heavy Metal伯font> section. Be sure to check out Matt's articles about Michael Moorcock's Sojan The Swordsman and the Norse Sagas of Poul Anderson, as well as a great article on Robert E. Howard, written by Howie Bentley (Cauldron Born, Briton Rites). These should prove to be very interesting for all fans of the genre. Here's what Matt has to say about it:
㉠am a huge fan of Sword & Sorcery and Heroic Fantasy. When not busy with musical endeavors, I spend large amounts of time getting lost in the strange and fantastic worlds of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, Michael Moorcock and many other grand masters of the genre. These works have influenced me and my music tremendously over the years; so naturally, I was very intrigued when asked by EOC if I'd be interested in contributing to the project唨is is a very cool and happening thing that Howie is doing and I am proud, honored and excited to be a part of it!伯font>
Posted May 30, 2012
Worms Of The Earth
Broken Sword

New! Studio Report and Interview

Eternal Winter is hard at work in the studio recording their upcoming, debut album, 㗩thin The Castle Shadowgate䮠The band has finalized several tracks already and is now continuing to make steady progress. Below is an interview in which Matthew Knight sheds some light on the recordings and the new album.

What can people expect from the new Eternal Winter album?
The album will be quite colorful. There are songs that range from epic and majestic to in-your-face thrashing. There will be plenty of heavy, rocking guitar riffs, wailing vocals, monstrous choruses, symphonic elements, dark moments with dramatic narrations, as well as a few unexpected surprises. Some songs will be well known 㣬assics䠴hat fans have come to love from our demos and live shows over the years, but have never been properly released, and others will be new to all. Overall, people can expect an album of 100% true, original, epic heavy metal with no compromises!
In The Studio

In The StudioIs there an expected release date yet? You have been working on this project for quite some time now. Why so long?
We're shooting for a 2012 release. I think a lot of people donⴠunderstand how long it takes to record an album like this. There is so much that goes into it and it really does take a lot of time and energy. I know plenty of bands that have taken years to write and record albums. We have had a few setbacks since we began the recordings (most of them due to forces beyond our control), but are now moving at a nice, steady pace.

I read somewhere that you have been recording at D2C studios, ran by Matt Brookins of OdinⳠCourt, as well as your own studio. Can you tell us a bit about that?
Yes, the tracks for the album are being recorded between my own Castle Shadowgate Studio and Matt Brookins' D2C Studio. We normally do the vocals, keyboards, guitars and bass at my place and then he helps us out with some of the more involved stuff such as drum recordings, re-amping, mixing, etc. ItⳠbeen great working with Matt! He's a good friend of mine and really knows his stuff when it comes to recording and music in general. Most importantly, he has a lot of experience with this kind of music we are doing. Matt has helped us a great deal with the project and will also be lending us some of his musical talents on several tracks as well as mixing the album once all is complete.
<In The Studio

In The StudioI also remember you saying that you have an entire 2nd album already written and on the back-burner. Are there many differences between the music from the upcoming album and the new stuff you have recently been coming up with?
Iⶥ had a second album done for quite some time now. We have been experimenting with some new sounds for the newer material and it will be a bit of a darker album than this first one. For the upcoming album, all the songs were written and composed by me alone, but a lot of the new stuff that will appear on the second album will be a collaboration between myself and our keyboardist, Keith Moye. Keith and I have written a mountain of music over the past year . We have made some major breakthroughs with our songwriting as of late and the tunes we have recently come up with are some of our best material yet, in my opinion.
I also have songs for 2 Eps that I want to release before and after the second album債t letⳠnot get ahead of ourselves!

2012 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Eternal Winter. Any special plans for that?
That's right, 10 years! Where does the time go?! Yes, we hope to do some special shows to celebrate the anniversary later on in the year...We have came such a long way since 2002 and are looking forward to going back and performing some of the songs from the old days!
What kind of music have you been listening to these days? Been to any good shows lately?
I am always listening to a large variety of music. Lately I have really been enjoying the latest albums from the retro-sounding, Occult-rock band, BLOOD CEREMONY. Also, I've been listening to the old NITRO stuff a lot as well as JIM GILLETTE's solo album...Been into some CAULDRON BORN and MANILLA ROAD as of late and also have been enjoying some early HIM and the first OLD MAN'S CHILD demo...Outside of metal I've been digging some albums by the Gothic symphonic group, NOX ARCANA and also I've been listening to the old film-score soundtracks of THE HAUNTED PALACE and THE PREMATURE BURIAL, both composed by RONALD STEIN.
As for shows, I've been to a few lately actually...I just went with a friend of mine to see GHOST and BLOOD CEREMONY in Washington D.C. It was a killer show! Ghost was extremely entertaining and Alia from Blood Ceremony blew my mind with her vocal, keyboard and flute skills! Also, I went up to Long Island a few weeks ago to see VIRGIN STEELE, who were amazing as always...Back in the fall time, Gordon and I had the privilege of seeing the legendary, BRYAN FERRY on his recent tour, which was absolutely fantastic...Seeing all these great shows really makes me look forward to getting back out there and performing again soon!

Thanks for your time and the interview. We are all looking forward to the new album!
No problem! Cheers and Thanks for all your kind support!
Posted May 8, 2012
In The Studio

New EP available through Echoes Of Crom Records
Eternal WinterⳠ"True Knights Of Metal" EP is now available through Echoes Of Crom Records...Click Here to order your copy now! A Huge Special Thanks to Howie Bentley of EOC for all his kind support!
New Full-Length Album coming soon!
Posted February 25, 2011
Echoes Of Crom Records

New EP Released
True Knights Of Metal
Eternal Winter has released the 㔲ue Knights Of Metal䠅P. The Disc is a compilation of older material Re-Mixed and Re-Mastered偠Must-Have for all fans of the band!
Check out a new Review of the EP here
To order a copy, contact the band寲 you can purchase the EP directly through the Pure Steel Records Online Shop偬so available through Pure Steel is 㔲ibute To Steel: A Tribute To Warlock䠩n which the band is also featured on.
The band hopes everyone enjoys this new offering, and looks forward to bringing New music to friends and fans, worldwide, in the releasing of the upcoming, debut album in 2011!
Posted October 5, 2010

The True Knights Return From Swordbrothers
Eternal Winter has returned from The Swordbrothers Festival in Andernach, Germany.
Matthew Knight reports:
The concert was a success! For the first time, we got to perform for European metal-heads, which was a fantastic experience. We made several new fans, and sold quite a few CDs. In addition to that, the accommodations were killer and we enjoyed hanging backstage with the guys from WIDOW, ASKA and all the other bands偮other one of the highlights was that we got to meet the guys from our new record label, Pure Steel Records. Andreas and Volker are very nice individuals, and we look forward to working with them to release our album!
A Big Special Thanks to Matt Aub of TIMELORD for his dedication and amazing performance as 2nd lead guitarist for us at the festival. He has been a great addition to the band. We look forward to having him on the album and doing more shows in the future!
Now that we are back home, it is time to hit the studio full-force! Next year, fans can expect an epic, full-length album of pure, majestic metal that wonⴠdisappoint!
We look forward to returning to Germany once the album is released...Until then僨eers刡il塮d Let the Wine Flow!!
By the Severed Head of the Black Witch,
Matthew Knight Sept. 2010
Click Here to view some great high quality pics of the performance!
Posted September 18, 2010

Matthew Knight at Swordbrothers Festival

Gordon Burchell at Swordbrothers Festival

Eternal Winter signs with Pure Steel Records!
Pure Steel Records
Eternal Winter has just signed a world-wide deal with the underground German heavy metal label Pure Steel Records!
Frontman, Matthew Knight states:
In the past, we have always released independent demos and EPs...When we decided to record our first full-length, it became apparent that we would need the support of a strong, honest record label in order to release the best album possible...Many of the labels I had spoken with in the past, had wanted us to compromise our sound by taking out keyboard parts, changing my vocal style, etc...Pure Steel Records is the first label who has always supported us and our music from the very beginning, and truly believes in what we do!
We began dealing with Pure Steel in 2008 when we contributed to the Warlock Tribute Album they released that year...While at the time, we weren't as big and professional as many of the other bands on the Tribute, they admired us and gave us a chance to appear on the album. After working with them to release our tribute song, we saw how professional and easy to work with these guys were. They loved our True Metal sound and we soon developed a strong mutual friendship.
Now, my band mates in Eternal Winter and I are happy and honored to be a part of the Pure Steel Family...We know we have found a good home for us, and look forward to a bright future ahead!
Cheers to them and HAIL to the Immortal Spirit and Valorous Might of Heavy Metal!!

Pure Steel Records product manager Andreas Lorenz adds:
The US band plays perfect 80ies influenced US Metal in style of old VIRGIN STEELE and some CRIMSON GLORY influences.
Volker and me were fascinated of this voice, which got a lot of feeling for great melodies in the guise of 80ies US-Metal scene. We heard some demotracks in 2008 and were both enthusiastic about it. We canⴠwait to hear the debut album, but our expectations are very high. A more than worth PURE STEEL band.
ETERNAL WINTER will play on this yearⳠSWORDBROTHERS-festival and they will show their qualities without any doubt.

The band is currently hard at work in the studio recording their long-awaited debut album. We will keep you updated on the progress. Stay tuned for more exciting news!
Posted August 10, 2010

Eternal Winter appearing at Swordbrothers Festival
Eternal Winter is confirmed to appear at the 9th annual Swordbrothers Festival in Andernach, Germany on September 11th 2010. The band will be performing alongside other True Metal acts such as CLOVEN HOOF, CAGE, ASKA, WIDOW and many others. This will be Eternal WinterⳠfirst ever European performance! Donⴠmiss it! For more information, visit:
Sword Brothers Flyer
Posted January 26, 2010

Virgin Steele Tribute Album
Eternal Winter shall be appearing on the first ever, Virgin Steele Tribute Album entitled: ス The Gods: A Noble Tribute To Virgin Steele䮠They will be covering the epic classic ヲown Of Glory (Unscarred)䠦rom the ㍡rriage Of Heaven And Hell: Part II䠡lbum. This project is being organized by Eternal Winter front-man, Matthew Knight in conjunction with Virgin Steele mastermind, David DeFeis. The band is looking forward to paying tribute to one of their biggest influences! For more information, go to:
Eternal Winter is hard at work in the studio, recording their debut album that will be out in 2010. The band wishes to thank all the fans for their kind patience in awaiting the completion of the album, and promises it will be well worth the wait!
More news coming soon!
Posted January 11, 2010

Virgin Steele Tribute Album

Upcoming Full-Length Album!
Due to an overwhelming response to Eternal WinterⳠ2009 Demo, the band has decided to begin recording their first ever, professional quality, full-length album. Instead of releasing another demo-EP, they will waste no time and start recording the album immediately. The album will be approximately 12 songs and will be recorded between 3 different studios. This will be Eternal WinterⳠmost epic production to date!
Click Here to read a new interview, in which Eternal Winter front man Matthew Knight talks about the upcoming album, as well as many other interesting topics related to the band.
Posted June 30, 2009

Eternal Winter Live

Concept Story Posted
After a long wait, the new revised version of the Eternal Winter Saga has been posted in the Concept Story section. Check out the story and let us know what you think!
Posted June 29, 2009

Demo Reviews
Eternal Winter's new 2009 Demo has just been reviewed by the Belgian underground webzine METAL TO INFINITY. We thank our friend Stefan for taking time to listen to our demo! You can check out the review here.
Also, watch out for a review in next moth's issue of HARD ROCKER Magazine. Hail to Bart Gabriel of HARD ROCKER Management for submitting it!
More exciting news on the horizon...
By The Ice Dagger Of Gallius Varinor!!
Posted May 17, 2009

Metal to Infinity
Hard Rocker

New Demo Release
Eternal Winter has just released a new 2-song demo, as a preview to the upcoming EP. The track listing for the demo is:
1. Majesty Of Starlight (4:52)
2. Under The Spell (6:14)
"Under The Spell" features a guest solo by our good friend and amazing guitar virtuoso, Bill Hudson (PowerQuest, Circle II Circle, Ex-Cellador). To order a copy of the new demo please send us an email or contact us through myspace...More news coming soon!
By The Sword Of Valorous Light!!
Posted March 10, 2009
Demo 2009

Studio Update
Eternal Winter is currently in the studio and very busy recording our new "Epic" EP. The tentative release date will be some time Early 2009. The songs we have recorded sound great, and we are really happy with the results so far. Fans who have been waiting all this time, will not be dissapointed!
The confirmed track listing for the EP will be:
1. Majesty of Starlight (4:52)
2. Under The Spell (6:14)
3. The Spirit (8:04)
4. Defenders of Valorous Light (9:11)
We've posted a roughly mixed clip of our epic power metal rocker "Majesty Of Starlight" on the myspace site, as well as two recently recorded tribute songs:
"Touch of Evil" (Warlock cover) and "Lady of Winter" (Crimson Glory cover).
Posted December 20, 2008
Eternal Winter

Tribute Albums
"Tribute to Steel: A Tribute to Warlock" will be released on 12/05/08 on PURE STEEL RECORDS (Germany). Eternal Winter is featured covering the song "Touch of Evil".

The Crimson Glory tribute album "The Revenge of Azrael: A True Metal Tribute to Crimson Glory" will be released sometime in 2009 on METALLIC ARCHANGEL RECORDS (USA). Eternal Winter covers the true metal classic "Lady of Winter".

Clips of both songs have been posted on the Eternal Winter myspace. Eternal Winter has also been confirmed to appear on more tribute albums which will be announced soon.
Posted December 10, 2008

Tribute to Steel: A Tribute to Warlock

The Revenge of Azrael: A True Metal Tribute to Crimson Glory

Check back soon for more news and upcoming show dates!
HAIL to the True Power and Immortal Spirit of HEAVY METAL!!